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Fern Street can enliven your event. From a single stilt walker to a complex full show the circus has the artists and know how to meet the needs of events of all sizes and themes.

Our artists include stilt walkers, ambient entertainment, jugglers, contortionists, trapeze, wire walker, acrobats, musicians, and variety artist of all sorts.

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“Fern Street Circus is genuine, valuable art which owes part of its success to its accessibility to so many people, and part to its strong core of artist.

Andrew Watson, (Former) Artistic Director, Cirque du Soliel

“Fern street was selected through a highly competitive process to be the first awardee of San Diego International Airport Performing Arts Residency Program. Throughout 2016, Fern Street delighted airport patrons from all over the world with their highly entertaining acts… [They] truly enhanced the airport environment.”

Thella Bowens, President/CEO, San Diego County Regional Airport Authority

“It was a joy to work with you and your talented Fern Street Circus cast and crew… So flexible, friendly & in all ways fantastic to work with from start to finish.”

Darla Meeker, Luther Burbank Center for the Arts (Santa Rosa, CA)

“Not only were they [Fern Street Circus] able to respond to our every request, including the last minute “need” for a tiger act, they responded with complete professionalism and enthusiasm. They were able to locate, assemble, and produce a first class performance including Kay Rosaire’s tiger act, the Fabulous Wallendas and Gregory Popovish’s cat and dog act. And aside from the big name talent, the live band, music, elaborate costumes and interactive entertainers were definite crowd pleasers.”

Jenny Miller, Director, Promotions Marketing, Culligan



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